3 steps you should take after a dog attack

As fun and playful as many dogs are, dog attacks still happen. Dogs may aggressively act out in public spaces or even in the comfort of their own homes. Although you should always take precaution when approaching animals, it is important to know what steps to take if you or a loved one falls victim to a dog bite.

California law allows dog bite victims to hold dog owners liable for injuries that happen both in public and while on the owner’s private property with permission. In order to heal, it’s crucial for victims to receive immediate medical attention. Plus, building a paper trail will help victims recover a deserving amount to help restore their health and financially heal from the traumatic event.

What to do after an attack

Below are three crucial steps you can take following a dog attack:

  1. Exchange information: If the dog owner is a stranger to you, be sure to get their name, number and address before leaving the scene of the accident. This will help you follow up with the insurance company of the party at fault and the vaccination log of the animal who hurt you.
  2. Gather proof of the attack: If you take legal action to recover compensation, it will be useful for you to log all the facts of the incident. You can do this at the scene, on the way to the doctor’s office or even shortly after the accident. Photos of the scene and injuries, a written account of what happened, witness statements and a letter from your doctor will all help serve as proof of the event.
  3. Receive medical attention: The very top of your list after any accident should be to seek medical aid. In the case of a dog bite, there is always the risk of rabies. And whenever an individual has an open wound, infection can take place. If there is any lag in the time between the accident and your doctor visit, try to stop the bleeding and keep the area of the wound clean.

Although it may be hard to believe our furry friends can cause severe damage, a personal injury attorney can help victims suffering serious wounds from a dog bite receive compensation.