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A Record of Successful Results for Business Torts

There is a wide range of actions that do not rise to the level of crime, but which can nonetheless harm your business interests. These actions are business torts or economic torts. While some of the disputes that arise from business torts can be resolved through informal negotiation and compromise, more often, it will take litigation to reach a lasting solution.

Whether another party’s actions have harmed your company or your company faces a tort, Walton Law Group can assist you. We are a reputable law firm serving business clients throughout Southern California. What sets our firm apart is our attorneys’ unparalleled experience with and success in business disputes and litigation.

Taking on a Wide Array of Business Tort Claims

We handle business torts of all varieties, including:

  • Contract disputes that go beyond breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty, including wrongdoing from a business partner or other party
  • Unfair competition, such as when a competitor employs deceptive practices to harm your business
  • Misappropriation or theft of trade secrets
  • Fraud or misrepresentation, involving when another business has intentionally defrauded your business

When you need to protect your business’s best interests, Walton Law Group is here to protect them alongside you.

A 95% Win Rate in Cases Taken to Trial

Although both parties almost always attempt to resolve these issues out of court, many claims of wrongdoing necessitate litigation. Founding attorney John Walton is a highly skilled and successful litigator who has attained a successful outcome in 95 percent of his cases that he has taken to trial. He prepares each case for the possibility of litigation, which gives us the upper hand if the time for a trial does come. In addition, he keeps the best interests of his clients in mind and will prioritize the most cost-effective and time-effective resolution. In all cases, he fights to protect and preserve the future of your business.

Learn How Walton Law Group Can Assist You

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