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Resolve Disagreements With an Eye to the Future

Running a business in collaboration with partners and/or shareholders can be very rewarding, but it also comes with risks. When competent, like-minded people work together, they can accomplish great things. But when they disagree on a company’s goals or on the best strategy to accomplish those goals, it can be hard for the business to move forward.

Shareholder and partnership disputes can stop a business in its tracks. To work through the impasse, it’s useful to have an experienced business law attorney at your side. Walton Law Group can help identify the legal solution that best meets your needs. Over our three decades of legal practice, we have found business litigation to be a powerful tool for resolving conflicts like shareholder disputes. When negotiations, mediation or arbitration work, the resolution may be more cost-effective.

Don’t Let Rival Parties Overrule Your Business Interests

Business partnerships are built on trust. If that trust is violated, it threatens the stability of your company and may merit legal action. We represent parties facing internal business conflicts, including:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of the duty of loyalty
  • Partnership or shareholder freeze-outs
  • Fraud of any kind or issues of conversion of profits
  • Self-dealing
  • Corporate governance disputes

Whether you are seeking a change in leadership at your company or a business divorce due to irreconcilable goals, we can help you take the steps you need to advance your interests.

We also represent businesses facing disputes with other businesses.

Prevent or Solve Problems Creatively, Watching Out for the Bottom Line

We recognize that shareholders and partnerships do not generally raise disagreements with the devastation of a business as the goal. Rather, they bring legitimate frustrations and concerns to light. Our firm will work with partners and shareholders to proactively prevent disputes whenever possible. When disagreements are inevitable, we will work to prevent escalation before a solution can be worked out.

Litigation can be particularly destructive to businesses and should normally be avoided at all costs. It can destroy not only business relationships but also a business’s fundamental core from within. Disputes can pit father against daughter, brother against brother, and friend against friend. Former partners may become enemies and leave nothing to build on. These are the scenarios our clients wish to avoid. We aim to help clients and their opponents settle disputes through constructive ways forward.

If mediation, arbitration or a trial becomes necessary, we guard our clients’ bottom lines as determinedly as their chance to “win.”

Get Customized Counsel for a Shareholder or Partnership Dispute

The first step toward resolving your business dispute is to speak with a lawyer to learn about the full range of your legal options. Call 626-714-3017 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with a trial lawyer or arbitration attorney at Walton Law Group in Pasadena.

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