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When Wills and Trusts Are Challenged

As a beneficiary to a will or trust in California, you may be facing a will contest or another form of estate-related litigation. There is never an easy time to resolve legal disputes, but soon after the death of a loved one can be an especially difficult time. Litigation over an estate may be the result of ongoing disputes or a lawsuit may come about suddenly, with limited time to plan a response. Sound legal counsel is essential with so much at stake, including a decedent’s legacy.

To bring a claim or defend against probate litigation in Southern California, turn to Walton Law Group in the Los Angeles area. Founding attorney John Walton’s depth and breadth of experience is reflected in his ability to come into challenging cases on short notice and quickly acquire the factual and legal knowledge necessary to analyze the problem and develop a strategy. A favorable resolution for clients of the firm is one that takes all relevant factors into account, including legal costs.

Examining How Probate Litigation May Come About

Disagreements over estates are never straightforward but rather involve unique aspects of the respective people and assets. A dispute may be the fruition of long-standing troublesome interpersonal dynamics or suspicions of unfairness. Such considerations may influence the approach to a case.

Probate litigation can take various forms, such as will contests, challenges to trusts, contested guardianships or conservatorships, and allegations of breach of fiduciary duty. Will contests are relatively common. You may find yourself on either side of the equation due to allegations such as the following:

  • That the will was not signed and formalized accurately
  • That another will exists and the validity of the one in question is therefore doubtful
  • That someone exerted undue influence on the person who wrote or signed the will
  • That the person who created the will was not of sound mind when he or she signed it

A dispute may, in fact, stem from allegations of elder abuse and exploitation that started before the death of the estate holder or afterward. Keep in mind that if someone is found to be liable for financial abuse of the deceased, that person will not be eligible to receive property awarded in the estate whether under a will, trust or the laws of intestacy.

You can count on Walton Law Group to look thoroughly into all elements that may have a bearing on the outcome of a probate litigation matter. You will be well-informed and prepared to make the right decisions in your own case involving a will, trust, guardianship or conservatorship under question.

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